8.41. The tungsten_skip_seqno Script

The tungsten_skip_seqno allows events to be skipped based on filters, allowing the Tungsten Replicator to come back online with less manual intervention.



General Operation

By default, the tungsten_skip_seqno command will:

  • Gather a list of replicator service names using trepctl services | grep serviceName

  • Start an inifinite loop

  • Loop thru all services or use the service specified on the cli using the --service option

  • Check the service status via trepctl -service {serviceName_here} status -json

  • If the pendingErrorSeqno is not -1, then process the error state

  • By default, if there is an error condition, a detailed message is displayed, and the user may skip the seqno interactively

  • if the tungsten_skip_seqno command is called with --auto then the seqno with the error will be skipped automatically

  • if the maximum number of loops has been reached (default: 100), the script will exit. Use --max to adjust this value

  • Sleep for 3 seconds by default, then iterate