4.4.3. Upgrading from Tungsten Cluster 1.5.3/1.5.4 to Tungsten Cluster 5.4

You can upgrade directly from Tungsten Cluster 1.5.3 or Tungsten Cluster 1.5.4 to Tungsten Cluster 5.4 using the standard update procedures.

When upgrading to Tungsten Cluster 5.4 from Tungsten Cluster 1.5.3/1.5.4, changes to the way witness hosts are used and identified mean that you should modify your configuration before completing the upgrade process.

The witness changes that affect the upgrade are as follows:

  1. Witnesses must be on the same network subnet as the existing managers.

  2. Dataservices must have at least three managers to provide status check during failure.

  3. Active witnesses can be created; these install only the manager on target hosts to act witnesses to check network connectivity to the configured dataserver and connectors configured within the service.

If you are upgrading a host which satisfies conditions (1) and/or (2) in the above list, you can perform an upgrade using tpm update.

If your current witness host is not on the same network segment as the rest of your dataservice, the witness host must be removed from the configuration. Alternatively, you can add or update an existing witness host to be an active host witness within the cluster.

To upgrade a cluster and add the required active witnesses to the cluster, or to add additional active witnesses to a cluster which already has the required number of implied witness hosts, the configuration must be upgraded first before deploying the service.


Active witnesses must have the prerequisites for hosts (Section B.2, “Host Configuration” configured before the update and deployment is completed.

  1. On your staging server, download the release package.

  2. Unpack the release package:

    shell> tar zxf tungsten-clustering-5.4.1-41.tar.gz
  3. Change into the directory:

    shell> cd tungsten-clustering-5.4.1-41
  4. Fetch a copy of the existing configuration information:

    shell> ./tools/tpm fetch --hosts=host1,host2,host3,autodetect \
      --user=tungsten --directory=/opt/continuent
  5. Update the configuration with additional witness hosts:

    shell> ./tools/tpm configure service_name --enable-active-witnesses=true \
       --witnesses=hostname --members+=hostname
  6. Run the update and installation process:

    shell> ./tools/tpm update service_name

If you have multiple services configured that require active witnesses, you must update each service with additional witness hosts.