6.11.1. Using Multiple Dataservices

The connector is able to work with multiple dataservices. It may be a combination of Primary/Replica or composite dataservices. The connector will communicate with managers in each dataservice and provide connectivity.

  1. Configure the host as a connector for one of the dataservices. This will be the default dataservice for the connector. Any version upgrades for this cluster will also upgrade the connector. See Section 3.4, “Deploying Tungsten Connector Only” if you want the host to be fully independent.

  2. Update the dataservices.properties file in /opt/continuent/tungsten/cluster-home/conf. Add a line for each new Primary/Replica cluster the connector will connect to. Keep this file updated as you add and remove servers from each cluster.


    Do not list composite dataservices in this file. The connector will automatically discover those from the managers in each cluster.

  3. Restart the connector. Any users connected to this connector will be disconnected at this time.

    shell > connector restart
  4. Update the user.map to list new users for each new dataservice. See Section 6.6, “User Authentication” for more details. Specifically, the user.map may not include multiple users with the same name but different dataservices. Create unique users in each dataservice before updating user.map.

    See Section 6.6.1, “user.map File Format” for more details.

    When a site goes offline, connections to this site will be forced closed. Those connections will reconnect, as long as the site stays offline, they will be connected to remote site.

    You can now enable an option so that when the site comes back online, the connector will disconnect all these connections that couldn't get to their preferred site so that they will then reconnect to the expected site with the appropriate affinity.

    Note that this only applies to bridge mode. In proxy mode, relevancy of connected data source will be re-evaluated before every transaction.

    When not enabled, connections will continue to use the server originally configured until they disconnect through normal attribution. This is the default option.

    To enable forced reconnection, use the --connector-reset-when-affinity-back=true option to tpm.

The connector is now ready to accept users for each of the new dataservices. Keep the dataservices.properties and user.map files updated to make sure the connector works properly.