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C.2.30. Services requires a reset

Last Updated: 2016-05-18

Condition or Error

The replicator service needs to be reset, for example if your MySQL service has been reconfigured, or when resetting a data warehouse or batch loading service after a significant change to the configuration.


  • If the replicator stops replicating effectively, or the configuration and/or schema of a source or target in a datawarehouse loading solution has changed significantly. This will reset the service, starting extraction from the current point, and the target/slave from the new master position. It will also reset all the positions for reading and writing.


  • To reset a service entirely, without having to perform a re-installation, you should follow these steps. This will reset both the THL, source database binary log reading position and the target THL and starting point.

    1. Take the slave offline:

      slave-shell> trepctl offline
    2. Take the master offline:

      slave-shell> trepctl offline
    3. Use trepctl to reset the service on the master and slave. You must use the service name explicitly on the command-line:

      master-shell> trepctl -service alpha reset -y
      slave-shell> trepctl -service alpha reset -y
    4. Put the slave online:

      slave-shell> trepctl offline
    5. Put the master online:

      slave-shell> trepctl offline