5.14.2. Performing Maintenance on a Master

Master maintenance must be carried out when the master has been switched to a slave, and then shunned. The master can be temporarily switched to a slave, taken out of the dataservice through shunning, and then added back to the dataservice and then switched back again to be the master.


Maintenance on the dataserver should be performed directly on the corresponding server, not through the connector.

The complete sequence and commands required to perform maintenance on an active master are shown in the table below. The table assumes a dataservice with three datasources:

Step Description Command host1 host2 host3
1 Initial state   Master Slave Slave
2 Set the maintenance policy set policy maintenance Master Slave Slave
3 Switch master switch to host2 Slave Master Slave
4 Shun host1 datasource host1 shun Shunned Master Slave
5 Perform maintenance   Shunned Master Slave
6 Validate the host1 server configuration tpm validate Shunned Master Slave
7 Recover the slave ( host1 ) back datasource host1 recover Slave Master Slave
8 Ensure the slave has caught up   Slave Master Slave
9 Switch master back to host1 switch to host1 Master Slave Slave
10 Set automatic policy set policy automatic Master Slave Slave