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10.4.36. TimeDelay (delay) Filter

The TimeDelayFilter delays writing events to the THL and should be used only on slaves in the remote-to-thl stage. This delays writing the transactions into the THL files, but allows the application of the slave data to the database to continue without further intervention.

Pre-configured filter name delay
Classname com.continuent.tungsten.replicator.filter.TimeDelayFilter
Property prefix replicator.filter.delay
Stage compatibility remote-to-thl
tpm Option compatibility --repl-svc-thl-filters
Data compatibility Any event
Parameter Type Default Description
delay numeric 300 Number of seconds to delay transaction processing row

The TimeDelayFilter delays the application of transactions recorded in the THL. The delay can be used to allow point-in-time recovery of DML operations before the transaction has been applied to the slave, or where data may need to be audited or checked before transactions are committed.


For effective operation, master and slaves should be synchronized using NTP or a similar protocol.

To enable the TimeDelayFilter, update the tungsten.ini configuration file to enable the filter. For example, to enable the delay for 600 seconds:

shell> vi /etc/tungsten/tungsten.ini

shel> tpm update

Time delay of transaction events should be performed with care, since the delay will prevent a slave from being up to date compared to the master. In the event of a node failure, an up to date slave is required to ensure that data is safe.