2.18. Tungsten Replicator 6.1.14 GA (17 Aug 2021)

Version End of Life. 15 Aug 2024

Release 6.1.14 contains a number of bugs fixes and improvements to the Batch loader for MySQL. In addition, support for XA transactions is now available.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Command-line Tools

    • Added tpm support for tuning maxDelayInterval, used to tune parallel apply. Usage example:


      This sets the max delay interval to 2 minutes

      Issues: CT-1541

    • A new tpm flag has been added:

      • svc-systemd-config-replicator

      This flag can be used to provide a custom systemd configuration that will be used in place of the default, generated one.

      This is typically useful when ExecStartPre or ExecStartPost commands are needed

      Issues: CT-1555

    • Improved the tpm command's internal logic and introduced a new sub-command, tpm ask.

      Issues: CT-1573

    • Improved the check_tungsten_online command:

      • determine the cluster name by default if none is provided via -s

      • always check ls resources even if a dataservice name is provided

      • add an option to be node-specific, ignoring any status from other nodes

      Issues: CT-1578

    • New ddlscan template (ddl-mysql-staging.vm) available to generate ddl required for staging tables when deploying the batch applier on a MySQL target.

      Issues: CT-1587

  • Backup and Restore

    • A new tpm option has been added --backup-options

      This property can be used to pass options directly to the backup binary (Xtrabackup, mariabackup etc). This can be especially useful when the xtrabackup and MySQL versions differ. Generally, MySQL is always ahead of xtrabackup and in some situations xtrabackup will fail if the underlying MySQL patch release does not match the xtrabackup patch release. In this scenario, you could utilise the new option to force xtrabackup to not check the versions, for example:


      Multiple options can be passed as a space separated list, for example.

      backup-options=--option1 --option2 --option3


      Options passed are specific to the underlying binary and are not validated by Tungsten, therefore you must ensure you only use options that are valid, and check syntax accurately.

      Issues: CT-1595

  • Core Replicator

    • Support for XA transactions has been added.

      Issues: CT-925

    • When using the MySQL Batch Applier, you can now choose to drop all deletes by specifying the following tpm property:


      This is disabled (false) by default.

      Issues: CT-1588

    • When using the MySQL Batch Applier, you can now choose to log rows into an error table that would otherwise have either generated a duplicate key error.

      This is disabled by default, but can be enabled and configured by using the following two new properties:


      In addition, if your tables contain Foreign Keys, you can choose to disable them during the data loading process using the following property:


      Issues: CT-1589

Bug Fixes

  • Command-line Tools

    • tpm was failing to check application password when single quoted.

      Issues: CT-1257

    • The tpm update command now properly parses the --ini argument.

      Issues: CT-1551