2.35. Tungsten Replicator 6.0.0 GA (4 April 2018)

Version End of Life. 31 July 2020

Release 6.0.0 is a feature and bugfix release. This release contains the following key fixes:

  • Added PostgreSQL applier support.

  • Added support for custom primary key field selection for source tables that cannot be configured with a primary key within the database.

  • Added a new filter for including whole of transaction metadata information into each event.

  • Added support for extended transaction information within the Kafka applier so that all the messages for a given transaction can be identified.

Behavior Changes

The following changes have been made to Tungsten Replicator and may affect existing scripts and integration tools. Any scripts or environment which make use of these tools should check and update for the new configuration:

  • Installation and Deployment

    • Support for using Java 7 with Tungsten Cluster has been removed. Java 8 or higher must be used for all deployments.

      Issues: CT-450

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Heterogeneous Replication

    • The Kafka applier now supports the inclusion of transaction information into each Kafka message broadcast, including the list of schema/tables and row counts for the entire transaction, as well as information about whether the message is the first or last message/row within an overall transaction. The transaction information can also be sent as a separate message on an independent Kafka topic.

      Issues: CT-496, CT-586

      For more information, see Optional Configuration Parameters for Kafka.

  • Core Replicator

    • Experimental support for writing row-based data through SQL into PostgreSQL has been added back to the replicator. This includes basic support fr the replication of the data. Currently databases and tables must be created by hand. A future release will incorporate full support for DDL translation.

      Issues: CT-149

  • Filters

    • The pkey has been extended to support the specification of custom primary key fields. This enables fields in the source data to be marked as primary keys even if the source database does not have the keys specified. This is useful for heterogeneous loading of data where a unique key may exist, but cannot be defined due to the application or database that created the tables.

      Issues: CT-481

    • A new filter, rowaddtxninfo has been added which embeds row counts, both total and per schema/table, to the metadata for a THL event/transaction.

      Issues: CT-497

Bug Fixes

  • Installation and Deployment

  • Core Replicator

    • An internal optimization within the replicator that would attempt to optimise row-based information and operations has been removed. The effects of the optimization were actually seen in very few situations, and it duplicated work and operations performed by the pkey filter. Unfortunately the same optimization could also cause issues within heterogeneous deployments with the removal of information.

      Issues: CT-318

    • The internal storage of the MySQL server ID has been updated to support larger server IDs. This works with any MySQL deployment, but has been specifically expanded to work better with some cloud deployments where the server ID cannot be controlled.

      Issues: CT-439

    • The format of some errors and log entries would contain invalid characters.

      Issues: CT-493