1.35. Tungsten Clustering 5.3.6 GA (04 February 2019)

Version End of Life. 31 July 2020

This is a bugfix release.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Installation and Deployment

    • When installing from an RPM, the installation would automatically restart the connector during the installation. This behavior can now be controlled by setting the parameter no-connectors within the ini configuration. This will prevent tpm from restarting the connectors during the automated update processing.

      Issues: CT-792

  • Command-line Tools

Bug Fixes

  • Command-line Tools

    • Do not try to backup a witness server.

      Issues: CT-669

    • Include additional views of cctrl output in tpm diag (cctrl_status_simple_SVCNAME).

      Issues: CT-681

    • The MySQL MyISAM check seems to fail intermittantly with no way to bypass it so the check has been disabled completely.

      Issues: CT-756

    • During the lifetime of the cluster, switches may happen and the current Primary may well be a different node than what is reflected in the static ini file in the master= line. Normally, this difference is ignored during and update or an upgrade.

      However, if a customer has some kind of procedure (i.e. automation) which hand-edits the ini configuration file master= line at some point, and such hand-edits do not reflect the current reality at the time of the update/upgrade, an update/upgrade will fail and the cluster may be left in an indeterminate state.


      The best practice is to NOT change the master= line in the INI configuration file after installation.

      Changed tpm check CurrentTopologyCheck from WARN to ERROR to prevent changed master= lines in ini files from breaking updates and upgrades.


      Even with this fix, there is still a window of opportunity for failure. The update will continue, passing the CurrentTopologyCheck test and potentially leaving the cluster in an indeterminate state if the master= option is set to a hostname that is not the current Primary or the current host.

      Issues: CT-801

    • Remove any clear-text passwords gathered via tpm diag.

      Issues: CT-822

  • Tungsten Connector

    • The Connector has been modified to get the driver and JDBC URL of the datasource from the Connector-specific configuration, overriding the information normally distributed to it by the manager. This prevents the Connector from using incorrect settings, or empty values.

      Issues: CT-802

  • Tungsten Manager

    • mysql_checker_query script was returning unexpected errors and creating false positives. Changed the script logic to use the timestampdiff function for better accuracy.

      Issues: CT-824

    • Change the Manager behavior so as to place the replicator online asynchronously to prevent cctrl from hanging if a Replica replicator is put online while the Primary is offline. Now, if the Primary is offline the Replica will go into the SYNCHRONIZING state. As the Primary comes online the Replicas will come online as well.

      Issues: CT-825