1.36. Tungsten Clustering 5.3.5 GA (06 November 2018)

Version End of Life. 31 July 2020

This is a bugfix release.

Bug Fixes

  • Installation and Deployment

    • When using tpm diag, the command would fail to parse net-ssh options.

      Issues: CT-775

    • The Net::SSH internal options have been updated to reflect changes in the latest Net::SSH release.

      Issues: CT-781

    • When a site goes offline, connections to this site will be forced closed. Those connections will reconnect, as long as the site stays offline, they will be connected to remote site.

      You can now enable an option so that when the site comes back online, the connector will disconnect all these connections that couldn't get to their preferred site so that they will then reconnect to the expected site with the appropriate affinity.

      When not enabled, connections will continue to use the server originally configured until they disconnect through normal attrition. This is the default option.

      Note that this only applies to bridge mode. In proxy mode, relevancy of connected data source will be re-evaluated before every transaction.

      To enable this option, use the tpm option --connector-reset-when-affinity-back=true.

      Issues: CT-789

  • Tungsten Connector

    • When using smartscale, if you specify RW_STRICT, you will be connected to a Replica even though RW_STRICT specifies that you should be a connected to the Primary.

      Issues: CT-782