3.8. Continuent Tungsten 4.0.1 GA (20 July 2015)

Version End of Life. 31 October 2018

Release Notes 4.0.1 is a bugfix release that contains critical fixes and improvements.

Known Issue

The following issues may affect the operation of Continuent Tungsten and should be taken into account when deploying or updating to this release.

  • For security purposes you should ensure that you secure the following areas of your deployment:

    • Ensure that you create a unique installation and deployment user, such as tungsten, and set the correct file permissions on installed directories. See Directory Locations and Configuration (in [Continuent Tungsten 4.0 Manual]).

    • When using ssh and/or SSL, ensure that the ssh key or certificates are suitably protected. See SSH Configuration (in [Continuent Tungsten 4.0 Manual]).

    • Use a firewall, such as iptables to protect the network ports that you need to use. The best solution is to ensure that only known hosts can connect to the required ports for Continuent Tungsten. For more information on the network ports required for Continuent Tungsten operation, see Network Ports (in [Continuent Tungsten 4.0 Manual]).

    • If possible, use authentication and SSL connectivity between hosts to protext your data and authorisation for the tools used in your deployment. See Deploying SSL Secured Replication and Administration (in [Continuent Tungsten 4.0 Manual]) for more information.

  • Under certain circumstances, the rsync process can randomly fail during the installation/ deployment process when using the staging method of deployment. The error code returned by rsync may be 12 or 23.

    The error is transient and non-specific and deployment should be retried.

    Issues: CONT-1343

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Core Replicator

    • EBS snapshots have been updated to support MySQL table locks during operation.

      Issues: CONT-89

  • Tungsten Manager

    • The manager would incorrectly shun the entire remote service when the site appears to be unreachable, shunning the remote composite datasource including the physical datasources. This has been updated so that only the composite data source and not underlying physical data sources are shunned.

      Issues: CONT-199

    • The manager would not put relay replicators ONLINE (in [Tungsten Clustering (for MySQL) 6.1 Manual]) after being restarted.

      Issues: CONT-545

Bug Fixes

  • Core Replicator

    • When running the trepctl reset (in [Continuent Tungsten 4.0 Manual]) command on a master, DDL statements could be placed into the binary log that would delete corresponding management tables within slaves. Binary logging for these operations is now suppressed for these operations.

      Issues: CONT-533

    • The timezone information for the trep_commit_seqno (in [Tungsten Clustering (for MySQL) 6.1 Manual]) table would be incorrect when using parallel replication with a server timezone other than GMT.

      Issues: CONT-621