9.8.13.  R tpm Options


Config File Optionsrelay-directory, repl-relay-directory
DescriptionDirectory for logs transferred from the master
Value Typestring
Default{home directory}/relay
Valid Values{home directory}/relay 
 {home directory}/relay 


Config File Optionsrelay-enabled
DescriptionShould the replicator service be setup as a relay master
Value Typestring


Aliases--dataservice-relay-source, --master-dataservice
Config File Optionsdataservice-relay-source, master-dataservice, relay-source
DescriptionDataservice name to use as a relay source
Value Typestring


Aliases--datasource-host, --repl-datasource-host
Config File Optionsdatasource-host, repl-datasource-host, replication-host
DescriptionHostname of the datasource
Value Typestring

Hostname of the datasource where the database is located. If the specified hostname matches the current host or member name, the database is assumed to be local. If the hostnames do not match, extraction is assumed to be via remote access. For MySQL hosts, this configures a remote replication slave (relay) connection.


The password to be used when connecting to the database using the corresponding --replication-user.


Aliases--datasource-port, --repl-datasource-port
Config File Optionsdatasource-port, repl-datasource-port, replication-port
DescriptionDatabase network port
Value Typestring
Valid Values1521Oracle Default
 27017Elasticsearch Default
 27017Kafka Default
 27017MongoDB Default
 3306MySQL Default
 5432PostgreSQL Default
 5433Vertica Default
 5439Redshift Default
 8020HDFS Default

The network port used to connect to the database server. The default port used depends on the database being configured.


Aliases--datasource-user, --repl-datasource-user
Config File Optionsdatasource-user, repl-datasource-user, replication-user
DescriptionUser for database connection
Value Typestring

For databases that required authentication, the username to use when connecting to the database using the corresponding connection method (native, JDBC, etc.).


Config File Optionsreset
DescriptionClear the current configuration before processing any arguments
Value Typestring

For staging configurations, deletes all pre-existing configuration information between updating with the new configuration values.


Config File Optionsrepl-rmi-port, rmi-port
DescriptionReplication RMI listen port
Value Typestring


Config File Optionsrmi-user
DescriptionThe username for RMI authentication
Value Typestring


Config File Optionsrepl-role, role
DescriptionWhat is the replication role for this service?
Value Typestring
Valid Valuesmaster 


Config File Optionsrouter-gateway-port
DescriptionThe router gateway port
Value Typestring


Config File Optionsrouter-jmx-port
DescriptionThe router jmx port
Value Typestring