Deploying Offboard with NFS

This section outlines the steps required for an installation of the Oracle Extractor consisting of both the Tungsten Replicator and the Oracle Redo Reader MINE process configured on an offboard host, accessing an NFS Mount from the Oracle Database Host for reading of and processing of the Redo and Archive log files.

First, ensure you have configured all the necessary Prerequisites, outlined in Section 5.1.2, “Oracle Replication Pre-Requisites” paying particular attention to the offboard NFS specific prerequisites

The diagram below represents a typical offboard with NFS Installation

Figure 5.4. Internals: Installation of Offboard with NFS

Internals: Installation of Offboard with NFS

There are two methods for installation, either via a Staging Install or via an ini install, along with an initial step to configure the NFS Mount Point