Deploying Offboard with Log Shipping

This section outlines the concept of an installation of the Oracle Extractor consisting of both the Tungsten Replicator and the Oracle Redo Reader MINE process configured on an Offboard host, accessing Archive Logs that are periodically shipped to the offboard host from the Database Host


This solution will NOT be appropriate if you require real-time replication. In this deployment model replication will always be one archive log behind.

In real time terms, this will vary depending upon the size of the Archive Logs and the frequency at which the source database performs a Log Switch.

The diagram below represents a typical offboard with Log Shipping Installation

Figure 5.5. Internals: Installation of Offboard with Log Shipping

Internals: Installation of Offboard with Log Shipping


This deployment model will be available in a future release of Tungsten Replicator

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