5.2. Deploying the Oracle Redo Reader Extractor

There are two main methods in which the Oracle Extractor can be configured, Review Section 5.2.1, “Understanding Deployment Models” for full details of the differences between each deployment style, and then follow the relevant section below for the correct steps to install the Oracle Redo Reader extractor based on your installation needs.

  • Section 5.2.2, “Deploying on the Oracle DB Server (Onboard)”

    This method will involve both the Oracle Redo Reader and the Tungsten Replicator being installed on the same host as the Oracle Database Server.

    • The Redo Reader will run the MINE process.

    • The FETCHER process will not be required.

  • Section 5.2.3, “Deploying an Offboard Configuration”

    This method will involve the Oracle Redo Reader still being installed on the local Oracle Database Server, but the Tungsten Replicator being installed on a different host, referred to as the offboard Host.

    This method would be typically used in the following situations:

    • Oracle Database Server OS is not supported by Tungsten Replicator

    • Unable to fulfill prerequisite requirements for Tungsten Replicator, such as installation of Ruby, Java etc

    • Customer restriction on the installation of software on the DB Hosts

    The offboard installation method can be achieved with three different configurations:

    • Offboard with FETCHER

    • Offboard with NFS

    • Offboard with Archive Log Shipping

    Each process follows the same basic installation, with a few various configuration differences made during deployment.

    The offboard host will run the MINE process and the Tungsten Replicator extractor

    Depending upon the configuration above will determine the configuration required on the DB Host.

  • Section 5.2.4, “Deploying on Oracle RAC”

    This method specifically outlines the steps for topologies where the source database is Oracle RAC.

    The deployment model follows the concepts of the offbard with FETCHER method, with specific configuration requirements for the RAC hosts