5.2.1. Understanding Deployment Models

The flexibility of the replicator allows you to install the software in a number of ways to fit into a number of possible limitations or restrictions you may be faced with.

The five methods of deployment are as follows:

  • Onboard

  • Offboard with FETCHER

  • Offboard with NFS

  • Offboard with Log Shipping

  • Offboard for RAC

Each method has pros and cons, these are summarised as follows

Type Pros Cons
  • Faster

  • Easier to configure and manage

  • Single install for extractor

  • Less disk space required

  • Currently, only supported for Oracle hosts running RHEL / CentOS / Oracle Linux. Further OS Support is planned but not yet available.

Offboard with Fetcher / Offboard for RAC
  • Supports more OS’s

  • Separates extractor from DB host

  • Dedicated host for extraction

  • Offboard host could host multiple extractor services

  • Much more disk space required

  • Multiple components to manage

  • Additional network ports

  • 2 Installations for extractor

Offboard with NFS
  • As per “Offboard with Fetcher”

  • Less disk space required

  • Potentially slower

  • Additional network ports

  • NFS requires managing

Offboard with Log Shipping
  • As per “Offboard with Fetcher”

  • Only requires Archive Logs

  • Does not require NFS, logs can be copied via RSYNC/SCP etc

  • Always “one log behind”

  • Sufficient disk space required for Archive Logs