Chapter 5. Heterogeneous Oracle Deployments

Table of Contents

5.1. Oracle Replication using Redo Reader
5.1.1. Oracle Redo Reader Replication Operation
5.1.2. Oracle Replication Pre-Requisites
5.1.3. TPM Parameters for Oracle Extraction
5.1.4. Setting the Replication Start Position
5.1.5. Provisioning an Oracle Replication Solution
5.1.6. Oracle Redo Reader Tuning
5.1.7. Changing the Configured Replication Objects
5.1.8. Using the prepare-offboard-fetcher script
5.2. Deploying the Oracle Redo Reader Extractor
5.2.1. Understanding Deployment Models
5.2.2. Deploying on the Oracle DB Server (Onboard)
5.2.3. Deploying an Offboard Configuration
5.2.4. Deploying on Oracle RAC
5.3. Deploying Oracle to MySQL Replication
5.3.1. Prepare: Oracle to MySQL Replication
5.3.2. Install: Oracle to MySQL Replication
5.3.3. Best Practices: Oracle to MySQL Replication
5.4. Deploying Oracle to Hadoop Replication
5.4.1. Prepare: Oracle to Hadoop Replication
5.4.2. Install: Oracle to Hadoop Replication
5.4.3. Best Practices: Oracle to Hadoop Replication
5.5. Deploying Oracle to Vertica Replication
5.5.1. Prepare: Oracle to Vertica Replication
5.5.2. Install: Oracle to Vertica Replication
5.5.3. Best Practices: Oracle to Vertica Replication
5.6. Deploying Oracle Replication using CDC
5.6.1. How Oracle Extraction Works
5.6.2. Data Type Differences and Limitations
5.6.3. Creating an Oracle to MySQL Deployment
5.6.4. Creating an Oracle to Oracle Deployment
5.6.5. Deployment with Provisioning
5.6.6. Updating CDC after Schema Changes
5.6.7. CDC Cleanup and Correction
5.6.8. Tuning CDC Extraction
5.6.9. Troubleshooting Oracle CDC Deployments

Heterogeneous deployments cover installations where data is being replicated between two different database solutions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • MySQL to Oracle, Oracle to MySQL and Oracle to Oracle, using the Redo Reader.

  • MySQL to Oracle, Oracle to MySQL and Oracle to Oracle, using the Oracle CDC.

The following sections provide more detail and information on the setup and configuration of these different solutions.