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9.12. The orarrd Command

The orarrd command provides the control functionality of the core Oracle redo reader component, including the ability to start, stop, and control the overall process. The Oracle redo reader process is automatically controlled by the replicator process. This command provides direct control over this process independently from the automatic control of the replicator process.


Because the orarrd is automatically controlled by the replictor, starting or stopping orarrd through this command while the replicator is running may not work as expected. For example, if the replicator has been started and the service is ONLINE, stopping the Oracle redo reader with orarrd will trigger the replicator to automatically restart the redo reader service.

The orarrd should not be run directly. Instead, you should run the command the corresponds to the service being managed. This is created automatically during the installation process. For example, if the service is alpha, then the corresponding command will be orarrd_alpha.

These commands and options are described below: