5.1.7. Changing the Configured Schema

During installation, you specify the tables and/or schemas that you want to replicate using the tpm option oracle-redo-replicate-tables as follows:


The above will replicate all tables in HR, but only the TAB1 table in the LAB schema.

Once you have installed the replicator, to change the list of configured tables, you need to issue the relevant commands below from within the orarr console. To load the console do the following:

shell> cd /opt/continuent/plog/servicename
shell> ./start_console.sh

Then at the prompt, issue the relevant command from below:

  • Add a Schema

    orarr> prepare schema SCHEMANAME
  • Remove a Schema

    orarr> unprepare schema SCHEMANAME
  • Add a Table

    orarr> prepare table SCHEMANAME.TABLENAME
  • Remove a Table

    orarr> unprepare table SCHEMANAME.TABLENAME