Chapter 6. Heterogeneous MySQL Deployments

Table of Contents

6.1. Deploying a Heterogeneous MySQL Source Replicator
6.1.1. Preparing MySQL Hosts for Heterogeneous Deployments
6.1.2. Choosing a Master MySQL Standalone Replication Type
6.2. Deploying MySQL to Oracle Replication
6.2.1. Prepare: MySQL to Oracle Replication
6.2.2. Install: MySQL to Oracle Replication
6.3. Deploying MySQL to MongoDB Replication
6.3.1. Preparing Hosts for MongoDB Replication
6.3.2. Installing MongoDB Replication
6.3.3. Management and Monitoring of MongoDB Deployments
6.4. Deploying MySQL to Hadoop Replication
6.4.1. Hadoop Replication Operation
6.4.2. Preparing Hosts for Hadoop Replication
6.4.3. Replicating into Kerberos Secured HDFS
6.4.4. Installing Hadoop Replication
6.5. Deploying MySQL to Amazon RDS Replication
6.5.1. Preparing Hosts for Amazon RDS Replication
6.5.2. Installing MySQL to Amazon RDS Replication
6.5.3. Management and Monitoring of Amazon RDS Deployments
6.5.4. Changing Amazon RDS Instance Configurations
6.6. Deploying Amazon RDS to MySQL Replication
6.6.1. Preparing Hosts for Replicating from Amazon RDS
6.6.2. Installing Amazon RDS to MySQL Replication
6.6.3. Management and Monitoring Deployment from Amazon RDS
6.6.4. Changing Amazon RDS Instance Configurations
6.7. Deploying MySQL to Amazon Redshift Replication
6.7.1. Redshift Replication Operation
6.7.2. Preparing Hosts for Amazon Redshift Deployments
6.7.3. Installing Amazon Redshift Replication
6.7.4. Verifying your Redshift Installation
6.7.5. Keeping CDC Information
6.7.6. Management and Monitoring of Amazon Redshift Deployments
6.7.7. Troubleshooting Amazon Redshift Installations
6.8. Deploying MySQL to Vertica Replication
6.8.1. Preparing Hosts for Vertica Deployments
6.8.2. Installing Vertica Replication
6.8.3. Concentrating Data into a Single Schema with Vertica
6.8.4. Management and Monitoring of Vertica Deployments
6.8.5. Troubleshooting Vertica Installations
6.9. Deploying MySQL to Elasticsearch Replication
6.9.1. Preparing Hosts for Elasticsearch Replication
6.9.2. Installing Elasticsearch Replication
6.9.3. Management and Monitoring of Elasticsearch Deployments
6.10. Deploying MySQL to Kafka Replication
6.10.1. Preparing Hosts for Kafka Replication
6.10.2. Installing Kafka Replication
6.10.3. Management and Monitoring of Kafka Deployments
6.11. Deploying MySQL to Cassandra Replication
6.11.1. Preparing Hosts for Cassandra Deployments
6.11.2. Installing Cassandra Replication
6.11.3. Management and Monitoring of Cassandra Deployments
6.11.4. Troubleshooting Cassandra Installations

Heterogeneous deployments cover installations where data is being replicated between two different database solutions. These include, but are not limited to:

The following sections provide more detail and information on the setup and configuration of these different solutions.