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9.25. The tungsten_send_diag Script

Version Support: 5.2.0

The script was added in Continuent Tungsten 5.2.0

The tungsten_send_diag command is a utility script which assists in the upload of files to Continuent support.

tungsten_send_diag may be used in place of the Section 10.5.2, “tpm diag Command” to generate a diagnostic package.

tungsten_send_diag [ --case, -c ] [ --contentType ] [ --debug ] [ --diag, -d ] [ --email, -e ] [ --file, -f ] [ --help, -h ] [ --tpm, -t ] [ --verbose, -v ]


Table 9.38. tungsten_send_diag Command-line Options

--case, -cSpecify the support case number (default: none)
--contentTypeSpecify the Content-Type for a file you are uploading (default: binary/octet-stream for files you specify, and application/zip for generated diag files )
--debugDebug mode is VERY chatty, avoid it unless you really need it.
--diag, -dAutomatically generate a `tpm diag` zip file and upload it (default: false)
--email, -eEmail address to embed into the uploaded file name (default: none)
--file, -fFile name to upload (default: none)
--help, -hShow help text
--tpm, -tFull path to the tpm command you wish to use to execute a `tpm diag` (default: the first tpm found in the PATH).
--verbose, -vShow verbose output

You must specify either --diag, --tpm, or --file, but not both. For example:

shell> tungsten_send_diag --diag -c 1234

You must specify either --email or --case, and you may provide both if you wish. For example:

shell> tungsten_send_diag -f -e -c 1234

Using --tpm to specify one or more tpm commands implies the -diag option, you do not need to specify --diag if you use --tpm (or -t). For example:

shell> tungsten_send_diag -c 1234 -t /opt/replicator/tungsten/tools/tpm

You may generate multiple diags by specifying multiple tpm binaries with multiple arguments, i.e.:

shell> tungsten_send_diag -c 1234 -t /opt/continuent/tungsten/tools/tpm -t /opt/replicator/tungsten/tools/tpm