1.1.2. Appliers

Once information has been recorded into THL, particularly when that information has been recorded in row-based format, it is possible to apply that information out to a variety of different targets, both transactional and SQL based solutions, and also NoSQL and analytical targets.

Available appliers include:

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL, including Amazon RDS targets

  • Oracle

  • HPE Vertica

  • Hadoop, compatible with all major distributions

  • Amazon RedShift

  • Apache Kafka

  • Apache Cassandra

  • Elasticsearch

For more information on how the heterogeneous replicator works, see Section 2.9.1, “How Heterogeneous Replication Works”. For more information on the batch applier, which works with datawarehouse targets, see Section 6.5, “Batch Loading for Data Warehouses”.