4.2.2. Installing Multimaster Deployments

To create the configuration use tpm to create the entire configuration with just one command. Before starting the installation, the prerequisites must have been completed (see Appendix C, Prerequisites). This takes the list of hosts, and a list of master services that will be configured, and then creates each service automatically:

  1. On your staging server, download the release package.

  2. Unpack the release package:

    shell> tar zxf tungsten-replicator-5.2.2-0.tar.gz
  3. Change to the unpackaged directory:

    shell> cd tungsten-replicator-5.2.2-0
  4. Create the installation using the tpm:

    Show Staging

    Show INI

    shell> ./tools/tpm configure epsilon \
        --topology=all-masters \
        --install-directory=/opt/continuent \
        --replication-user=tungsten \
        --replication-password=password \
        --master=host1,host2,host3 \
        --members=host1,host2,host3 \
        --master-services=alpha,beta,gamma \

    Configuration group epsilon

    The description of each of the options is shown below; click the icon to hide this detail:

    Click the icon to show a detailed description of each argument.

    Host and service information is extracted in corresponding sequence as provided in the command-line options.

If the installation process fails, check the output of the /tmp/tungsten-configure.log file for more information about the root cause.

Once tpm has completed, the service will be started and the replication will be enabled between hosts.