6.2.2. Install: MySQL to Oracle Replication

When replicating from MySQL to Oracle there are a number of key steps that must be performed. The primary process is the preparation of the Oracle database and DDL for the database schema that are being replicated. Although DDL statements will be replicated to Oracle, they will often fail because of SQL language differences. Because of this, tables within Oracle must be created before replication starts.

A brief list of the major steps involved are listed below:

  1. Configure the MySQL database

  2. Configure the Oracle database

  3. Install the Master replicator to extract information from the Oracle database using the information generated by the CDC

  4. Extract the schema from Oracle and apply it to MySQL

  5. Install the Slave replicator to read data from the master replicator and apply it to MySQL

Each of these steps has particular steps and commands that must be executed. A detailed sequence of steps is provided below: