6.3.2. Installing MongoDB Replication

Installation of the MongoDB replication requires special configuration of the master and slave hosts so that each is configured for the correct datasource type.

To configure the master and slave replicators:

shell> ./tools/tpm configure alpha \
    --topology=master-slave \
    --master=host1 \
    --slaves=host2 \
    --install-directory=/opt/continuent \
    --enable-heterogeneous-service=true \
    --property=replicator.filter.pkey.addColumnsToDeletes=true \
    --property=replicator.filter.pkey.addPkeyToInserts=true  \
shell> ./tools/tpm configure alpha --hosts=host1 \
    --datasource-type=mysql \
    --replication-user=tungsten \
shell> ./tools/tpm configure alpha --hosts=host2 \
shell> ./tools/tpm install alpha

The description of each of the options is shown below; click the icon to hide this detail:

Click the icon to show a detailed description of each argument.

If the installation process fails, check the output of the /tmp/tungsten-configure.log file for more information about the root cause.

Once the replicators have started, the status of the service can be checked using trepctl. See Section 6.3.3, “Management and Monitoring of MongoDB Deployments” for more information.