6.5. Deploying MySQL to Amazon RDS Replication

Replicating into Amazon RDS enables you to take advantage of the Amazon Web Services using existing MySQL infrastructure, either running in a local datacenter or on an Amazon EC2 instance.

For replication from an Amazon RDS instance to a standard EC2 or a MySQL service with another cloud or local deployment, see Section 6.6, “Deploying Amazon RDS to MySQL Replication”.

  • Service Alpha on host1 extracts the information from the MySQL binary log into THL.

  • Service Alpha reads the information from the remote replicator as THL, and applies that to the Amazon RDS instance.

Figure 6.5. Topologies: MySQL to Amazon RDS

Topologies: MySQL to Amazon RDS

The slave replicator can be installed either within Amazon EC2 or on another host with writes to the remote instance. Alternatively, both master and slave can be installed on the same host. For more information on installing two replicator instances, see Section 7.3.1, “Deploying Multiple Replicators on a Single Host”.