Creating the MySQL Environment

The MySQL side can be a standard MySQL installation, including the Appendix C, Prerequisites required for all Tungsten Replicator services.

In particular:

  • The tungsten user, or configured datasource user, must have been created to enables writes to MySQL, and been granted suitable permissions.

  • Information from the Oracle server is replicated in row-based format which implies additional disk space overhead, so you must ensure that you have enough disk space for the THL files.

When writing the row data into MySQL, Tungsten Replicator supports two different modes of operation:

  • Write row-columns in order — the default mode, columns are written to MySQL in the same order in which they are extracted from the Oracle database. This allows for differences in the table and column names in the target database, while still replicating the same information. This can be useful if there are reserved words or other differences between the two environments.

  • Write using column-names — this enables the column orders to be different, but the column names to be used to apply data. This can be particularly useful if only a selection of columns are being extracted from Oracle and these selected columns are being written into MySQL. To enable this option, the following setting must be applied to the tpm installation command used: