B.7. Tungsten Replicator 4.0.1 GA (20 Jul 2015)

Tungsten Replicator 4.0.1 is a bugfix release that contains critical fixes and improvements to the Tungsten Replicator 4.0.0 release.

Known Issues

The following issues may affect the operation of Tungsten Replicator and should be taken into account when deploying or updating to this release.

  • Installation and Deployment

    • Under certain circumstances, the rsync process can randomly fail during the installation/ deployment process when using the staging method of deployment. The error code returned by rsync may be 12 or 23.

      The error is transient and non-specific and deployment should be retried.

      Issues: CONT-1343

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Core Replicator

    • EBS snapshots have been updated to support MySQL table locks during operation.

      Issues: CONT-89

Bug Fixes

  • Core Replicator

    • When running the trepctl reset command on a master, DDL statements could be placed into the binary log that would delete corresponding management tables within slaves. Binary logging for these operations is now suppressed for these operations.

      Issues: CONT-533

    • When replicating from Oracle to datawarehouses, the heartbeat table data would be replicated as a standard table row events, leading to replicator failure when the corresponding heartbeat staging table (stage_xxx_heartbeat) did not exist. HP Vertica and Amazon Redshift batch loaders have been updated to create the appropriate staging table during startup.

      Issues: CONT-571

    • The filename for the CSV generated within the batch applier was URI-encoded, leading to odd filenames when the file was ultimately uploaded to HDFS causing a replication failure. The names are now correctly escaped and reformatted correctly so that the URI encoded format is not used.

      Issues: CONT-588

    • The timezone information for the batch applier used by Hadoop, HP Vertica, and Amazon Redshift deployments was forced to use the UTC timezone. The code has been updated to support the correct timezone as configured in services.properties.

      Issues: CONT-589

    • The timezone information for the trep_commit_seqno table would be incorrect when using parallel replication with a server timezone other than GMT.

      Issues: CONT-621