8.16. Upgrading Tungsten Replicator

To upgrade an existing installation of Tungsten Replicator, the upgrade must be performed from a staging directory containing the new release. The process updates the Tungsten Replicator software and restarts the replicator service using the current configuration.

How you upgrade will depend on how your installation was originally deployed. For deployments originally installed where tungsten-installer (which includes all installations originally installed using Tungsten Replicator 2.1.0 and earlier), use the method shown in Section 8.16.1, “Upgrading Installations using update.

For Tungsten Replicator 2.1.0 and later, the installation should be migrated from tungsten-installer to use tpm. Use the upgrade method in Section 8.16.2, “Upgrading Tungsten Replicator to use tpm, which will migrate your existing installation to use tpm for deployment, configuration and upgrades. The tpm commands simplifies many aspects of the upgrade, configuration and deployment process.

For installations using Tungsten Replicator 2.1.1 and later where tpm has been used to perform the installation, use the instructions in Section 8.16.3, “Upgrading Tungsten Replicator using tpm.