6.11.9. Connector Logging Configuration

The connector is able to modify what is logged using different configuration options.

Informational messages like those below indicate that a client-side session did not properly close connection to the connector using a regular mysql close() call.

WARN [MySQLBridge] - [] C>S ended. S>C streaming did not finish within
                                        bridgeServerToClientForcedCloseTimeout=500 (ms). Will be closed anyway !

INFO [MySQLBridge] - [] Server>Client thread didn't finish cleanly - return code was: 1

Load balancers (especially physical ones) tend to do this when testing the connector, so these messages are expected when behind a load-balancer. Since the same error could come from buggy application code, the default is to log these circumstances.

If you know where the disconnects are coming from, you can safely disable this feature by setting the tpm option --connector-disable-connection-warnings to true:

shell> ./tools/tpm configure alpha --connector-disable-connection-warnings=true
shell> ./tools/tpm update


Updating these values require a connector restart (via tpm update) for the changes to be recognized.