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8.29. The tungsten_post_process Command

Version Support: 5.3.7

The tungsten_post_process command was added in versions 5.3.7 and 6.0.6

The tungsten_post_process assists with the graceful maintenance of the static cross-site replicator configuration files on disk.

The tungsten_post_process command performs the following steps:

  • Locates, reads and parses the various INI configuration files.

    Below is the list of possible INI files and file match patterns:

    • {$HOME}/tungsten.ini

    • /etc/tungsten/tungsten*.ini


      Please note that all files in the /etc/tungsten directory starting with tungsten and ending in .ini will be used.

    • /etc/tungsten.ini

  • Identifies cross-site services that are local to the node.

  • Gathers configuration options and properties defined for each local cross-site service.

  • Locate the associated configuration file on disk and get the existing value for the option key.

  • Interactively prompt for confirmation. This may be bypassed using the -y option to tungsten_post_process.

  • Filter out any files that are not static replicator configurations.


    Only Replicator options and properties for cross-site services are currently supported.

  • The tungsten_post_process command will then do one edit-in-place per ini option per local service.

  • The script will check to make sure the value has been updated.

  • Finally, there will be a summary message and helpful instructions about next steps. This may be bypassed using the -q option to tungsten_post_process.

Table 8.54. tungsten_post_process Options

--debug, -dEnable additional debug output.
--help, -hShow help text
--quiet, -qPrevent final message from being output.
--test, -tTest mode - do not perform the actual update on the files
--verbose, -vShow verbose output
--yes, -yBypass interactive confirmation prompt

Below is a sample session:

shell> tungsten_post_process
About to update the following config file(s):


Do you wish to continue? [y/N] y


tungsten_post_process updated 0 configuration options successfully and skipped 6

Pick one node and set Maintenance mode so the manager does not try to bring the replicator online when you don't want it to: 

  echo "set policy maintenance" | cctrl

Then take the Replicator offline gracefully on one node:

  trepctl -all-services offline

Restart the Replicator:

  replicator restart

Bring all services online:

  trepctl -all-services online

Check the status:

  trepctl services

Repeat as needed.

When all nodes are done, pick one node and execute:

  echo "set policy automatic" | cctrl