6.5.1. Enabling Bridge Mode

To enable Bridge Mode, the --connector-bridge-mode option to tpm must be set to true:

shell> tpm configure alpha --connector-bridge-mode=true

The default value is true, i.e. use the connector in bridge mode.

Bridge Mode can also be used with read-only database servers and affinity if required.

In addition to enabling and disabling Bridge Mode, the size of the buffer can also be set by using the bridgeServerToClientBufferSize and bridgeClientToServerBufferSize parameters. This configures the size of the buffer used to hold packet data before the packet is forwarded.

The default size is 262144 bytes (256KB).

A buffer is opened in each direction for each connection made to the connector when operating in bridge mode.

The total memory allocated can be calculated using the formula:

(connections * (bridgeClientToServerBufferSize + bridgeServerToClientBufferSize)

For example, with the default settings, 20 simultaneous connections will require 10MB of RAM to service the buffers. With the default connector heap size the Connector should be able to handle up to 500 simultaneous connections.