3.5.4. Adding Connectors to an Existing Deployment

Adding more connectors to an existing installation allows for increased routing capacity. The new connectors will form part of the cluster and be fully aware and communicate with existing managers and datasources within the cluster.

To add more connectors to an existing deployment:

  1. On the new host, ensure the Appendix B, Prerequisites have been followed.

  2. On the staging host, update the configuration to include the connector host you are adding. For example, to update the list of connector hosts to include host4 on the service alpha:

    shell> ./tools/tpm configure alpha --connectors+=host4

    The += appends the new host to the list of supported hosts.

  3. Update the configuration, which will install the connector on the new host:

    shell> ./tools/tpm update --no-connectors

    Using the --no-connectors option updates the current deployment without restarting the existing connectors.

  4. During a period when it is safe to restart the connectors:

    shell> ./tools/tpm promote-connector

The status of all the connectors can be monitored using cctrl:

[LOGICAL] /alpha > ls


|connector@host1[8616](ONLINE, created=0, active=0)                          |
|connector@host2[12381](ONLINE, created=0, active=0)                         |
|connector@host3[19708](ONLINE, created=0, active=0)                         |
|connector@host4[5085](ONLINE, created=0, active=0)                          |