8.11.2. dsctl set Command

Table 8.22. dsctl Command-line Options

-epochEpoch Number
-event-idSource Event ID
-seqnoSequence number
-source-idSource ID

Sets the current replicator position. When using this option, the -seqno, -epoch, -event-id, and -source-id options must be specified to set the corresponding values in the replicator.

For example:

shell> dsctl set -seqno 22 -epoch 22 -event-id "mysql-bin.000014:0000000000005645;-1" -source-id tr-11
Service "alpha" datasource "global" position was set to: seqno=22 epoch_number=22 eventid=mysql-bin.000014:0000000000005645;-1 source_id=tr-11