6.11.6. Adjusting the Client Disconnect Delay During Manual Switch

This feature controls how the connector handles existing connections when a manual switch is invoked.

When a graceful switch is invoked via cctrl, by default the Connector will wait for five (5) seconds to allow in-flight activities to complete before forcibly disconnecting all active connections from the application side, no matter what type of query was in use.

If connections still exist after the timeout interval, they are forced closed, and the application will get back an error.


This setting ONLY applies to a manual switch. During a failover, there is no wait and all connections are force-closed immediately.

This timeout is adjusted via the tpm option --connector-disconnect-timeout.

For example, to change the delay to 10 seconds:

shell> ./tools/tpm configure alpha --connector-disconnect-timeout=10
shell> ./tools/tpm update


If you increase this value, you delay the manual switch! ONLY change this if you accept the fact that the manual switch process will last at least as long as this setting in seconds.

Do not set this value to zero (0) or there will be no attempt to disconnect at all. If you wish to disable the wait entirely, set --property=waitForDisconnect=false in your configuration on the connectors and run tpm update.


Updating these values require a connector restart (via tpm update) for the changes to be recognized.

This value is reflected in the waitForDisconnectTimeout setting located in cluster-home/conf/router.properties.